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One that springs to mind is the case of James Hanratty, which is coming up in season 4. There are so many twists and turns throughout, and the outcome is jaw-dropping. We started out, particularly in season 1, choosing cases that we had been aware of in the press, but as time progressed and the podcast grew from a hobby to a job we had more time to research. We began to use different and more detailed methods, and in the process, we often get caught down a rabbit hole as we are looking into a subject.

A Chilling Casebook of Horrifying Hometown Crimes

This usually happens reading old newspapers or looking through files at the national archive. An example of this in season 3 was the case of Graham Backhouse that led to the bogus Lady Rosemary Aberdour episode. I read the pair were reportedly engaged. We always have a bit of apprehension on Wednesdays when the episodes are released, particularly the more obscure and surreal ones.

Emails and messages through social media often mention case suggestions, and one of us will look into each and every recommendation we get.

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The White House Farm murders were such a common request; we covered it over three episodes at the end of last season. We try to approach each case as empathetically as possible. We hope that comes across in the book and podcast. She has been bit, and Stephen must decide how to handle her, knowing that the bites are fatal and what will become of her.

They Walk Among Us: real-life crimes that are scarily close to home

Two couples, Scott and Lauren and friends Eric and Sarah, decide to pack up supplies and head to somewhere that they might be able to fortify, a more expendable place, rather than board up Stephen's apartment in the event that the epidemic would be short-lived.

They come upon a stranded man, Brian, who tells them of an abandoned house he was aware of. The group fortifies the rather run-down abandoned house, boarding windows and learning to use their weapons. Lauren has been scratched in the fray with John and Nicole, and Sarah tends to the wound. When the undead make their way into the first floor of the house, the group head upstairs and burn the staircase, leaving them safe, but without a way down.

My Alien Encounters (They Walk Among Us)

Brian later admits he did not search the upstairs fully, and this coupled with Lauren's slow but potential death add to the group's dire situation. Dennis and Lisa decide to flee in their car rather than returning home, assuming that the epidemic was localized.

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They find the back roads to be the safest, but eerily empty, as if those fleeing by car had left hours before. When signal is available, the radio tells of the outbreak being a highly debated topic, some suggesting the undead to simply be sick people, mentally or physically, while others suggest it to be the end of times.

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After hours of driving, the couple hit a roadblock, abandoned cars and bodies lying along the road randomly, but only occasionally. They arm themselves with firearms found in the trunk of an abandoned vehicle, but the roadblock appears to be the end of the road for the couple entirely. The front man for a local rock band leaves Stephen's apartment at leisure and takes his time getting back to his band and playing their scheduled show as if nothing were unusual.

This proves to be somewhat of a mistake, and the band members pay for the mistake. A group of punk rockers, a "band" themselves, though having no real songs or talent, had left the party early, complaining about the "losers who can't hold their booze.

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