Murder with a French Twist: A Mystery

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They decide to flee the village, change their names, and go to live with a nice couple that Andre knows. I think this might be a serious plot hole.

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Then they could testify against the villagers. So I think that Etienne and Sebastien are the only ones left that were involved in the original murders. And now they have Fabio tied up. Holy shit. Etienne shot Fabio.

No shit. Called that one. Adele confesses to Manu about the murders and her fake identity.

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Sebastien is in the shed with the dead bodies of Christine and Fabio trying to figure out what to do. Adele is at the door. And he still wants to kill everyone including Alice and Manu. Olivier saves Maud by killing Etienne, which he was going to do anyway. The plan is to let Mathilde, Manu and Alice live, but they all must agree to put the blame on Sebastien.

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Fine by me! Oh now Alice is remembering. And Sebastien is going down.

Alice needs to tell Manu that Sebastien raped her. Come on Manu why are you holding out? She determines that Sebastien is criminally insane. The last scene is Olivier and Adele Julien and Amelie sneaking off through the woods just like they did when they were children. So they all agreed to put the blame on Sebastien. Well that was a corker. In the end he seems at least happy that Alice has survived.

He is a terrible person, but a good deal is his nature and his upbringing. I think this is what all that Rousseau talk was all about. Am I giving this show too much credit? I went back and watched the first two episodes after finishing the finale. In episode 1 Muriel explains to Adele that they had been trying to fix up the chalet for a long time as part of a grand plan to revive Valmoline as a tourist destination.

Muriel says that the chalet is a money pit. I believe that they spent a lot of the money fixing up the chalet. There are many small comments alluding to the lottery money having gone into the chalet renovations. And at the train station, Laurent introduces Olivier as his business partner who is interested in investing in the plan to rehab Valmoline. What do you think?

Sebastien IS crazy, he thinks that he and Alice had rekindled a love during the trip to the chalet and had had a consensual affair. I enjoyed The Chalet a lot. Everyone was very good looking, and I got a lot of interior design ideas. The Chalet has it all: love, betrayal, murder, and a lot of carbs. I hope you enjoyed watching it too. And remember, just make new friends…reunions are dangerous and overrated.

The Chalet. May Valerie Miller. Alice is out looking for Fabio. Oh no…you know what I just realized? Fabio was just a nice guy who made good bread. Detectives now hope the mystery traces will lead to a break through in the search for the killers.

French Alps family murder twist as mystery DNA found on al-Hilli family car

The hunt for the killers of a British family in the Alps three years ago has taken a new twist - after the discovery of mystery DNA on their car. Detectives now hope the mystery traces will lead to a break through in the search for the killers of the al-Hilli family. Three members of the Surrey family were gunned down in the village of Chevaline, near Annecy, in September Investigators have also begun an international search for the last recorded owners of the 56, guns of the type used in the quadruple murders. Read more: French Alps murder victim was allegedly having secret affair with ex-husband for nine years.

Agatha Christie Collection: French crime series with English subtitles

We remain confident. When you kill, you always end up talking to someone about it. They believe murdered Saad could have been feuding over the money with other members of his family before the multiple killings. By Paul Hooper. Murdered: The Al-Hilli family were killed in the Alps Get the biggest daily news stories by email Subscribe We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters.

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