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Ginny would often defend Harry whenever she felt it was needed, such as; in when she stood up to Draco Malfoy and fiercely told him " to leave [Harry] alone ". She also told off Blaise Zabini in when he insulted Harry and even stood up to Hermione, her close personal friend in defence of his use of the Sectumsempra curse on Malfoy.

In she told off her then boyfriend Dean Thomas for laughing at the fact that Harry was injured by Cormac McLaggen during a Quidditch match. On 11 July, Rita Skeeter remarked that Harry was " publicity-hungry " — just as Ginny was approaching and Rita was taken "unaccountably ill" with what some called " a jinx to the solar plexus ". She was visibly displeased with the attention Gabrielle Delacour paid him, and spoke up when Harry's ex-girlfriend, Cho Chang , volunteered to take Harry to see Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem , insisting that Luna Lovegood take Harry instead.

In Ginny's fifth year, Harry started to fall in love with her as well. His feelings had presumably been developing since the previous year. She had reasserted herself as a vibrant, witty, and independent young woman, rather than an awkward and shy little girl. They had a lot in common — both played Quidditch , both had suffered at the hands of Lord Voldemort , and both showed great strength in defensive and offensive magic.

Both have also fought alongside one another on a number of occasions. In the beginning of the year, Harry was slightly disappointed when, after a summer together, he remembered that Ginny did not normally hang around the trio at school. However, he did not realise the scope of his feelings for her until he and Ron ran into Ginny and Dean kissing.

After witnessing them kissing, he frequently hoped that Dean and Ginny would break up. By the end of her fifth year, Ginny and Harry began dating after spontaneously kissing in the aftermath of Gryffindor winning the Quidditch Cup.

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They broke up shortly thereafter, as Harry realised that if they continued dating openly, Voldemort would seek to use her to get to him, as he had done previously. He simply could not bring himself to endanger her life while he sought a way to destroy Voldemort. Calling the break up an "act of nobility", Ginny accepted his decision, but always held onto the hope that he would return to her.

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On Harry's seventeenth birthday , Ginny " kissed him as she had never kissed him before ," though they were interrupted by Ron, with Hermione in tow. Ron discouraged Harry from " getting [Ginny's] hopes up ," mentioning that his sister was " really cut up " when Harry attempted to end their relationship. Hermione, on the other hand, seemed to be more sympathetic toward Harry and Ginny's actions.

Harry and Ginny express their love for each other during the Battle of Hogwarts. While hunting for Horcruxes , Harry would stare at her dot on the Marauder's Map for hours, hoping that she could somehow sense that he was watching over her. At school, Ginny participated in and helped lead an underground rebellion, during which she, Neville, and Luna even attempted to steal Godric Gryffindor's Sword from the Headmaster's office.

They had heard that it was left to Harry in Dumbledore's will and guessed that he needed it. When the battle began, Harry wanted Ginny to stay out of the fighting but was forced to ask her to leave the safety of the Room of Requirement when he, Hermione, and Ron searched it for Ravenclaw's Diadem.

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As Harry prepared to be killed by Voldemort, he thought of Ginny, " her blazing looks, and the feel of her lips on his. The supposed death of her one love was enough to drive Ginny to attack the incredibly powerful Bellatrix Lestrange alongside Luna, and Hermione. When the battle was over she was one of the first ones that rushed to hug him.


Ginny and Harry rekindled their romance in the aftermath of the Second Wizarding War and were eventually married. Their marriage is shown to be mature and understanding, Harry also affectionately calls Ginny "Gin", rather than her full name. It is also revealed that after the events in the Chamber of Secrets that people shut Ginny out of their lives, but Harry came to her and played a game of Exploding Snap.

Ginny claims that she also felt specific love from Harry since that day and that his love for her always made her feel stronger. The two made Ginny's brother Ron and Hermione Granger the godparents to their eldest son and Neville Longbottom the godfather to their second son. They also have several nieces and nephews, it can be assumed that Ginny was closest to Ron's and Hermione's children. Despite their affectionate and passionate marriage, Ginny retained her ability to put Harry in his place over his actions and behaviours, such as when she forbade him from entering Albus's room during his disappearance.

Ginny was also unable to look upon her husband when he disguised himself as Voldemort during the events of the Cursed Child. This shows how much she hated Voldemort and how much she loved her husband, to the point where watching him bear the appearance of the man who had stolen so much from both of them was too much for her. Hermione Granger , a good friend and future sister-in-law. Hermione Granger was one of Ginny's best female friends and her confidante. Ginny was a year below Hermione in Hogwarts , and they had become close by Ginny's second year; Hermione comforted Ginny that year when the presence of Dementors upset her Ginny was more affected than most others due to her possession by Voldemort the previous year.

Hermione stayed in Ginny's room during her frequent visits to the Burrow during summer vacations. Hermione gave Ginny advice on how to deal with her feelings for Harry [23] — advice that would lead to her going out with him and their eventual marriage. In the summer of , when Hermione was staying at the Burrow, Ginny and Hermione openly disliked Fleur Delacour and criticised her together. Ginny appeared to be disgusted with her brother Ron Weasley , Hermione's love interest, when, after a fight with Ginny, Ron began dating Lavender Brown.

However, Ginny was not afraid to stand up to Hermione when she felt she was wrong, for example when Hermione scolded Harry Potter for using the Sectumsempra spell. The two became sisters-in-law upon Hermione's marriage to Ron, and Hermione is the godmother of Ginny's oldest child. Fleur Delacour , her sister-in-law. She found Fleur humourless and irritating, as she was given to complaining loudly about what she perceived as Hogwarts' many faults.

Fleur often compared the school unfavourably to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Ginny teased Ron for his schoolboy crush on her. She also disapproved of Fleur's engagement to her eldest brother Bill , whom Ginny looked up too. Much to Ginny's displeasure, Bill sent Fleur to live with the Weasley family for a few days. During that time Ginny took to mockingly referring to Fleur as " Phlegm, " and complained about Fleur's tendency to patronise her. However, when Bill became permanently disfigured by Fenrir Greyback and Fleur indignantly defended her husband's bravery, Ginny began to recognise Fleur's admirable qualities.

The two eventually got along well, and Ginny even became a bridesmaid for her wedding. Lily looked like her mother and was jealous of her brothers, who were leaving for Hogwarts , exactly as her mother had been in Ginny comforted Albus who physically resembled his father when he was nervous about the possibility of being sorted into Slytherin house, and scolded James for teasing his brother.

After James interrupted his cousin Victoire while she was kissing Teddy Lupin , Ginny noted how similar he was to Ron. As Ginny had five brothers who survived the Second Wizarding War , four of whom married at some point, she had quite a few nieces and nephews by Ginny's own children seemed closest to Ron and Hermione 's children, whose son Hugo was the same age as Lily, and their daughter Rose was the same age as Albus.

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Bill and Fleur 's children were Victoire , Dominique , and Louis ; Percy and his wife, Audrey , had Molly named after her paternal grandmother and Lucy ; George married Angelina Johnson and named their son Fred after George's late twin brother , while their daughter was called Roxanne. When Ginny's son, James, discovered Victoire kissing Teddy Lupin at King's Cross Station , he proceeded to interrupt them and then run back to his family to triumphantly announce what he'd seen, prompting Ginny to compare him to his Uncle Ron.

Neville Longbottom , a good friend. Neville asked Ginny to the Yule Ball after he was turned down by Hermione, who had already agreed to go with Viktor Krum , and the two attended together as friends. When Ron suggested that she go to the ball with Harry, who had yet to find a date, she was disappointed at having missed a chance to go with him, but remained faithful to her agreement with Neville.

Ginny was among the friends who likely contributed to Neville gradually gaining confidence and courage, and, along with Luna Lovegood, the two of them maintained the strongest support of Dumbledore's Army throughout the Second Wizarding War. Cho Chang , her husband 's ex-girlfriend.

Ginny always held an amount of jealousy toward Cho, as Cho was Harry 's first crush, girlfriend, and shared with Harry his first kiss. Ginny always tried to beat Cho at everything to impress Harry more, such as in Quidditch.

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When Cho offered to take Harry to the Ravenclaw common room so he could see the statue of Rowena Ravenclaw and her diadem , Ginny cut across her and said that Luna would take Harry to the common room instead, implying that she still felt somewhat threatened by Cho and her still present crush on Harry. Luna Lovegood , a close friend. Ginny was friendly with Luna Lovegood, a Ravenclaw student in her year, although the two did not grow close until they were both members of Dumbledore's Army in their fourth year.

Ginny referred to Luna as " Loony Lovegood " just before introducing her to Harry and Neville in , but soon stood up to those who ridiculed Luna. Ginny was also one of the five portraits — along with Harry, Ron, Hermione , and Neville — that Luna painted and hung from her bedroom ceiling, with the message " friends " joining them together in gold writing. Nymphadora Tonks , her friend.

Ginny met Nymphadora Tonks in the summer of through the Order of the Phoenix , and she and Hermione immediately struck up a friendship with the young Auror. Ginny appreciated that Tonks, although an adult, was interested in having fun. She taught Ginny how to check if a door had an Imperturbable Charm on it by flicking Dungbombs at it. She also entertained Ginny and Hermione by displaying her Metamorphmagus abilities, usually at the dinner table.

In , Ginny hoped her brother, Bill, would choose Tonks over Fleur Delacour — an idea Ron seemed to find laughable. After Tonks was murdered by her own aunt Bellatrix Lestrange during the Battle of Hogwarts , Ginny duelled Bellatrix, along with Hermione and Luna, although it is unknown if Ginny knew that it was Bellatrix who had murdered Tonks. Sirius Black , her friend and husband's godfather. Though Ginny first learned of Sirius in as an Azkaban escapee convicted of killing 12 muggles, she was soon made aware of his innocence through her connections to the Order of the Phoenix and his godson, Harry.

She and Sirius grew closer during their mutual time spent at the Order's headquarters , and she later told Harry that she cared about Sirius as much as he did, insisting on accompanying Harry to the Ministry of Magic , where they believed Sirius was being held and tortured by Voldemort. When Sirius and four other members of the Order arrived at the Ministry to rescue Ginny and her friends, who had walked into a trap and been attacked by Death Eaters , Sirius was murdered by his cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange.

Harry and Ginny were both horribly saddened by Sirius's death, and later duelled Bellatrix in the Great Hall during the Battle of Hogwarts. Ginny married Sirius's godson later and she and Harry gave their eldest son James the middle name "Sirius" in honour of him. Lupin comforted Ginny after her first encounter with Dementors by giving her a piece of chocolate, and she likely believed, along with many other Hogwarts students, that he made an excellent teacher. Ginny and Remus met again in , at 12 Grimmauld Place, and several times after that, as Remus was a member of the Order of the Phoenix and good friends with Ginny's parents.

Ginny was thrilled when he married Nymphadora Tonks , and remained close with their son, Teddy , well after Tonks and Remus were murdered during the Battle of Hogwarts. Ginny first met Rubeus Hagrid , the Hogwarts gamekeeper in , during her first year at Hogwarts.

Ginny seemed to be friendly with Hagrid, as they were both friends of Harry , Ron , and Hermione. At one point, Hagrid told Harry that he saw Ginny near his hut ; he supposed that Ginny hoped to see Harry, and teased Harry for it.

Albus Dumbledore , her former headmaster.