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The tomb of Renni, by J. Tylor; with plans, elevations and notes by Somers Clarke, and with an introduction by F. Belzoni in Egypt and Nubia. From drawings made on the spot by David Roberts With historical descriptions by the Revd. George Croly Lithographed by Louis Haghe. Exemplified in near two hundred drawings taken on the spot. By Frederic Lewis Norden. Collection History The materials selected for the debut of this evolving digital collection include classics of illustrated travel and regional archaeology, as well as the Library's earliest works of photography in the Middle East region.

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Background Monuments of ancient Egypt and the Biblical world figured prominently in the early years of photography. Show filters Hide filters. Show Only Public Domain. Franck [and F. Vieweg] More Less. Sort by: Title Date created Date digitized Sequence. Portfolio cover, vol. I: La B….

Aleppo (Marash; Zeytun; Ayntab; Kilis; Urfa; Kessab, Musa Dagh)

Frontispiece] [Portrait of Vi…. Traveller's boat at Ibrim. An encampment in Ethiopia [fi….

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Title page. Convent of Santa Saba.

Vue de la mer. Jerusalem, from Scopus. View of sepulchral monuments …. Egypt and Palestine [Title pa….

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Views in Palestine [Title pa…. Beni Hassen - Nile. Sphinx et la pyramides de Ceo…. Mummy's head. Inauguration du monument de M…. Views in the Ottoman Dominion…. Trois pyramides de Ghiseh. David Roberts, R. Front cover. The antiquities, natural hist….

James Bruce of Kinnaird, Esq. Krikor Asadourian, New York, , pp. Papazian Press, Cairo, Haykazun H. Together 31, pp. Khoren H. Nuridza Piliposian and Avetis Kestekian A. Toros M. Hakop V. Murat Petrosian. Editor: Mkrtich Mkrtichian.

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Martirosiants Press, , pp. Second part with pages without a new title. Hakobiants Press, , pp. Vardan A. Beniamin K. Doniguian Press, on the title page , Beirut, pp. Tovmas G. Tigranian], Constantinople, , Tadeos Tivitjian Press, pp.

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Manuk T. Doniguian Press, , 7, pp. Hovak Hakobian, V. Sargis G. Tigran S. Asatur Y. Hratch A. Nigol Schagaldian, U. Dedicated to the History, Ethonography and Folklore of Alashkert. Yerevan, , magazine, probably 3 issues. Editor in chief: Suren Sahakian. Babgen Rev. Arzuman Press, Constantinople, , 96pp. Yeghishe Y. Barkhudarian Press, , pp. Ter Nersessian Press, , 74, 13pp. Harution Fr.

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English translation - Harution Fr. Hajian, Khodorchur: Lost Paradise. Memories of a Land and Its People , trans. Hakob Press, Doniguian Press , , pp. Vartiter K. Elekian Press, , pp.

Atanassian Press, , 15pp. Grigor H. Mikayel A. Hambardzum Rev. Editor: Georg Melitinetsi. Ter Karapet Rev. Antranik L.

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Arakel M. I, Bucharest, , Hye Mamul Press, pp. Doniguian Press and Sons, , pp. Gevorg S.