I Love You With the Love of the Lord

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Berean Study Bible For the choirmaster. New American Standard Bible For the choir director.

You are my defender. Holman Christian Standard Bible For the choir director. Brenton Septuagint Translation For the end, a Psalm of David, the servant of the Lord; the words which he spoke to the Lord, even the words of this Song, in the day in which the Lord delivered him out the hand of all his enemies, and out the hand of Saul: and he said: I will love thee, O Lord, my strength. Douay-Rheims Bible Unto the end, for David the servant of the Lord, who spoke to the Lord the words of this canticle, in the day that the Lord delivered him from the hands of all his enemies, and from the hand of Saul.

World English Bible I love you, Yahweh, my strength. Young's Literal Translation To the Overseer. Psalm For You are the God of my refuge. Why have You rejected me? Why must I walk in sorrow because of the enemy's oppression? Be so real to me. Cause my love for You to result in a living that is well-pleasing to You. I love Jesus and I feel like a complete failure. Am I worthy of his love? The fact is that we are all sinners and have been constituted of sin.


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Just read the book of Romans! For your encouragement, take a look at Romans and 8.

From The Inside Out

What from Thee can separate me? Thou wilt love me to the end! We two one will be for ever; I am Thine and Thou art mine! So sorry to get back to you so late. I read Romans and 8.

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Is this normal? Lori I want you to know that I understand what you are going through and I too struggle with these thoughts from time to time. And yes, doubts are a normal thing to go through. Satan is the father of lies, and one of his strongest lies to tell us is that we are not worthy, or that we are not loved. I pray that God helps to bring strength into your heart so that it becomes easier to see the truth of his love for you. You cannot deplete His mercies for you baby,go at His feet right now,He must be missing you so much. Good luck and God bless!! Remember, God gave His only son to take away the sins of his people to give up His life so all that believe in Him shall never perish but will inherit everlasting LIFE….

And Christ said the 2 most important and crucial commandment are , love thy neighbor, and put no God before Me!!! Thru him God created us. You know it? He wants you to come back to him. Bkz only Holiness cud enter the Heaven. He will literally speak to you…. He is waiting for you.. God won even remember your sins.. But what we need most is to realise that Jesus is the Author and Perfector of our faith Heb. Do I even have faith?

Discovering the truth in God's Word and the corresponding experience of life

The fears and doubts come from the parts of our being that Jesus has not made His home in yet Eph. But one day He will.

Maranatha! - I Love You Lord [with lyrics]

This is the promise of life 2 Tim. If you are able, I highly recommend some free books. You can visit rhemabooks.

Lord, You Know That We Love You

Particularly the second chapter from the first book Basic Elements of the Christian Life. Thank you so much. I will download the books.

Your prayers are deeply appreciated. I pray for those who pray for me. I just came a across the sight and these messages touch me and enlighten me as well. Anyway I learning every day to just take one day at a time and stay in pray and read the Bible it helps. Remember God works for good things and according to our sin we feel punished because what we are doing is sin n wrong, so if you want to help someone, help in the best way and be careful try to do much good.

The wrong let God take care of. This my thoughts have a easy bless day we are the blessings to each other Amen. I pray for you Lori. I too have had some very lows, worrying times and thoughts of unthinkable actions. I will attest that the only reason for me still being here is GOD. He has given me reason to continue, to look beyond the current and vision the future for the path He has set forth for us contains life, faith and love. Every time it seems that I am at the very end of the line, GOD provides.

He provides. I always seek Him for all that I do, for all my toughest obstacles and for all that is good and bad. The best thing I will do for you is pray. The best thing I can tell you is believe, seek and trust. Put all your worries, concerns, doubts, questions, negatives, depression in His hands. Pray for Him to take them from your hands and put them in His.

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He WILL take them. He WILL provide solutions, peace, love, faith, joy, smiles, and most importantly, life. Take a deep breath, look to the beautiful sky He has blessed us with, speak out loud to Him so He can hear, and ask that He takes all the negatives in your gorgeous life and give you peace in your heart. From someone who cares for your well-being, may GOD continue to bless you and may these trials and tribulations you are experiencing strengthen your relationship with Him-because sometimes these times are needed for us to seek Him as we should.

He wants us to seek Him for all. We want Him in our lives, both in all the good highs and the bad lows.

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