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The baby making scene visually was stunning. The Tywin scene in season 1 is beyond amazing. Impossible to top, almost.

Their work from S2-S4 tells me they got lucky. Luka Nieto : jentario ,. Well said! S5 will prove to be the tipping point for many of the Sullied. I agree that it may fail as an adaptation of the books for some but not as a show. However, none of that will cause me to stop watching GOT. It is high quality production on many levels and still better than much of what it currently on TV. I will have to completely change my viewing perspective in S5. It will no longer be the books that I read and loved…and that will have to be acceptable. It will be a different experience.


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I agree with all of your points here. Personally, I have extremely high hopes for Season 5 as a season of television, and I believe that when Game of Thrones has ended its run in three years, it will fit in very well as part of an adaptation of ASOIAF as a whole. I have every confidence that the end product is going to be well worth it. I never thought of the adaptive process in that exact way before, but I certainly will now! Plot driven greyjoy storyline? I read the first three books and there was never any mentions of a magic dragon horn used by the Targaryens to control the beasts.

The other dumbest part of their story is how the cliche dumb viking brute happily accepts to go catch a dragon and claim the queen as his own. Most smart readers know the greyjoy storyline was just shoe horned in the books so Dany would have boats to get her army back to westeros. Welcome to reality, everyone. Game of Thrones adapted three novels, used parts of a fourth and fifth, and then finally got to stand on its own. We were never, and I mean NEVER, going to see a completely faithful adaptation of ASOIAF because a there is no hope of George finishing the next book in the next 12 months, b forget the seventh novel appearing any time soon and c this is television.

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George R. This is my favorite show. This topic and the posts within have become a mockery of itself and is in dire need of a colonic. Sure it has reworkings of songs from his last album, but the fact that this guy can create cover versions of his own songs as stunning as the original versions is a true testament that he is one of the greatest songwriters of this generation. All of this. It would be easier if you just skipped my posts altogether, Mr.

Sprite on every site we bump into LOL. Luka Nieto : Al Swearengen ,. Could you specify where he typed that upthread? They got some really good ones, and some horrible shit too. A bit above average on the whole until now. I killed my wife after she screwed around and frequently use a dusky woman as a blowup doll. My gracious god has granted me the unmatched ability to bore my enemies to death, and with it I intend to do nothing at all that justifies me being a POV character!

Look, I even have an eyepatch! For now I plan to hang dong in front of my brother. I am truly sorry that you prefer the Iron Islands over Dorne. Just FYI, Dorne fans exist- like mwah. At least this further confirms that Patchface is a troll, and that still we have hopes for LS!

Greatjon of Slumber : Mine is the Furry ,. King Tommen , Jared ,. I think the true test of season 5 will be how much THEY like season 5 with their unbiased opinions, not how much book readers hate it.

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GOT has been a non-reader favorite since the start, and I think that trend will continue regardless of the changes. Euron has to be on the show at some point, Victarion I can live without. S05 will definitely be hated by the book-reading section despite folks like you, who are biased toward the Dornish, it must be added , and it remains to be seen how the show-only people will receive it.

On our defense, a lot, if not most, of the spoiling trolls were Unsullied themselves. I think there are plenty book reading pricks out there. I like Dorne just fine. Thank the gods. I could barely get through those chapters in Feast. The show will be better without them. Off Topic : Does anyone know what code words will send a comment into moderation and then into the void? I had no links in it. I am just curious because this is the third time it happens to me specifically. One time comment showed up by next day.

But it would be awesome to know so I can avoid it. I doubt it is directed at user name Strider though.

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I hope not. Ser Bro of Kegstand Keep ,. Budget and screentime and a seven season cap. This story is interesting enough without the extra Ironborn. Fjordgazer : jentario ,. Almost everyone, sullied and not so sullied, loved Oberyn and were given enough info about his family to continue that storyline and make sense of it all. Thats it! Sometimes responding to Jentario directly results in chaotic, explosive diarrhea.

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  5. He reacts to that and has to deal with the consequences of his new decisions as well as his old ones. I guess maybe Theon fits the redemption arc, but in general the characters are all capable of good and bad. Your shark metaphor was great. Well said. TWD was never a great show. Two compelling characters in the entire show. Statistically, assuming what you just did makes no sense. Mine is the Furry : Sex is best when its one on me. This is just a series of short points about some of the criticisms in this thread. Yeah, because GRRM just accepted the first offer that was put to him.

    People often praise people who work on the show e. Cogman, Graves. When they make a mistake e. Iron Islands are essential to the plot? All invented stuff is fanfiction. In a way i think it would help if they wrote a couple fewer episodes, so they would have greater management, but their choice. I respect that. The general viewer is more i. Do HBO really care if Sullied are complaining. There is a lot more I was going to say, but the simple fact is haters are going to hate. I am a student,I have some book reading friends but most people I know are show watchers only.

    Like at all. Theon himself was not verry intersting for them until Ramsey was in. Now everyone is a little bit involved in that plot.

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    But noone cares about House Greyjoy.